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3 Problems That Can Wreck Any Relationship
This 15-minute video tells what they are and how you can avoid them.... 

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Read What Clients Are Saying About Paul's Relationship Breakthrough Method...

“After many attempts at couples work with other individuals, working with Paul has finally helped my partner and I breakthrough to a new place of understanding and appreciation for one another."

Jessie, Essex Junction VT

“I started out feeling hopeless and alienated in my marriage. I wondered if it was over and used this workshop as my last effort. I came away feeling empowered, hopeful and willing to surrender to unconditionally loving my partner.

The future is wide open and we get to choose from awareness, not pain.”


Linda P.  - NY, NY

Listen to the breakthroughs some my are talking about. Here are 3 audio testimonials for your review.

Linda, a yoga teacher from Long Island had 25-year marriage that went from feeling complete hopelessness, years of neglect, affairs to turning things around...

Complete Hopelessness

Julie, a school principal from Texas teacher had a husband that had stopped talking went not communicating to having a 3 hour conversation

We Had Stopped Communicating

Stephine, a research scientist, went from almost breaking up to her partner

to seeing him as her hero

He Became My Hero

“My relationship was so broken and was only a matter of time before ended. We had turned into roommates rather than partners, and only roommates that were living together out of necessity.

We are only about halfway through the course and I can already see 
unlimited possibility. My book of life now has chapters of blank pages at the end for me to write whatever story I want.”


Ben – Santa Cruz, CA

“Paul gave us some simple tools to use the very first session and we noticed a difference right away.  

Our relationship has never been better, our only regret is we did not find him 25 years ago.”


Rick and Sandy, Phoenix AZ



“Truly transformational – I came here in turmoil, disconnected and feeling hopeless. But through this workshop, I now feel more connected and appreciative of my beloved than ever. My inner peace and capacity for love or stronger than I imagined they could ever be. I am grateful.” 

Jerome – Golden, Colorado

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“I was desperate for better communication with my beloved. We felt like cats and dogs trying to get along and understand one another. This course gave us the tools, language, and infrastructure we both successfully use. 

We now feel a breath of new possibility for our future and feel a new level of intimacy and love that is deeply fulfilling and exciting.”


Melodia  - San Diego, CA

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