"If You’re Here, I'm Guessing Your 

Relationship Isn’t Going As Planned."

“We came to Paul as a last-ditch effort to save our relationship.  


We figured if a psychologist couldn't help, then how could a relationship coach be of benefit? All I can say is, that I'm glad we took the chance with Paul - it's making a huge difference for us."

                                                                                                                        - M.L. San Diego, CA

Hello Friend,

Most likely you have taken my relationship quiz or watched one of my many youtube videos and want to know if this
LOVE BY DESIGN system will work in your situation?

Can it help turn your relationship around even if things seem hopeless right now and everything you tried in the past -- just made things worse?

The truth is... I'm not sure.

Over the past 25 years I have helped couples successfully deal with a wide variety of problems, but to know if it will work for you... I need to know more.


Help me, help you.


Let's spend 15-20 minutes together and see what really going on in your relationship and if this program is a fit for you or not.


3 Step process

1st Step - Schedule a complimentary Relationship Clarity Session (calendar below)


2nd Step - To Help Me Understand your situation so I can be prepared (answer the questions in this relationship self-assessment - https://www.arguelesslovemore.net/ask

3rd Step - To Help You Understand what's possible and so you can be prepared with your questions - watch this eye-opening video... it's an hour-long and will change the way you look at your relationship.

I value your time and want you to get the most out of time together... I also value my time and want to make you are prepared and ready for our session. 


Congratulations and Welcome...

Because you took my relationship quiz or watched one of my youtube videos you are eligible for a free download my best-selling book, Argue Less, Love More.
Print it out, read it, study it, do the exercises and you have fewer upsets and better communication... 

"Argue Less Love More is a 911 call for your relationship! A quick read with immediate results."

"This book moves well beyond the usual self-help category by providing real hands in the clay instruction on how to create the relationship you want."

"Sterling seems to hit the nail right on the head when he teaches about communication in relationships - making it clear that it's in communication where we build intimacy and connection."

"Seeing these 5 ways that my partner and I have missed out on being really present with each other has re-ignited the love that we always knew was there somewhere."

Click here to download  your FREE copy of my best selling book


"Paul is super concise, compassionate, and humorous. There is nothing in this book that you don't need."

"Paul shares 5 easily recognizable things we all do that get in the way of being heard, seen, understood and connected."

Most likely there are:

  • Communication issues

  • Needs that aren't getting met 

  • Old wounds keep coming up and never seem to heal

  • Intimacy starting to feel like a thing of the past

  • The foundation of trust is eroded or gone

  • Misunderstandings last forever and can't get cleared up

  • Conflicts drive you apart and don't get resolved

  • Difficulties dealing with differences and decisions

  • One or both of your gets triggered any time certain are
    talked about and hot topics


It totally sucks when almost everything you try just seems to
make things worse and you are left wondering what the hell
happened... where did our love go?

If this sounds familiar - you are not alone and you have options no matter how hopeless things feel right now.


My name is Paul Sterling and for the past 25 years, I have worked couples that still love each but are struggling to get along. I help them remember why they fell in the first place and give the step-by-step system they need to turn their relationship around and create a whole new world of possibility.

I have taught Couples, Counselors, Relationship Coaches, and Therapists from around the world how to use by LOVE BY DESIGN SYSTEM to turn relationships around and go from miserable to remarkable - to keep love alive and make love last.



I thought you would be... your first step is to watch this video so that you can understand what's really going on in your relationship and why it isn't working as well as you want?

Take an hour, YES, a whole hour, and watch this video before we meet.

You will be glad you did!


You owe it to yourself and the future of your relationship.

Most likely you will never look at relationships the same way again.

Paul  leaning on wall copy_InPixio.png

Paul Sterling - international speaker, best selling author & communication and intimacy coach for couples.


Okay, did you watch it?

If yes, go ahead and schedule your
 Relationship Clarity Session. 


This is a 30-minute complimentary conversation we have over Zoom.


By the end of our call,  you will be clear what is running... and often wrecking your relationship and what you can do about it!

Whether you are single or coupled this session will reveal:

  1. What you really want from having a relationship

  2. Where you are now - your current issues

  3. Which of the 7 relationship roadblocks are in the way

  4. What you can do about it (Remarkable Relationship Roadmap) custom-built for you)

You will walk away with confidence, clarity, and a plan that will take you towards a whole new world of possibility for you and your relationship.


These sessions are about 30 minutes and are free of charge. I do because I don't work with everyone, frankly, the reason I get such great results and such amazing testimonials is I only work with couples that are coachable.

Want to know more and see if we could work together?

Go ahead and schedule a Relationship Clarity Session, by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and finding a time and date that works for you.


My promise is that something will open up and become possible, that didn't seem possible before.I look forward to talking to you soon and helping you re-write your relationship's future, creating a whole new world of possibility.

Lets make the next part of your relationship… the BEST part.

“After many attempts at couples work with other individuals, working with Paul has finally helped my partner and I breakthrough to a new place of understanding and appreciation for one another."

                                                                                                                          - Jessie, Essex Junction VT

"We had amazing breakthroughs about empathy and being able to meet each other's needs. I couldn't believe that he was able to help us through our most intense moments, and I have never had such an effective therapy."       


- K.S. Santa Cruz, Ca.

“After just the initial two-hour session my husband and I were able to use those tools on our own upsets."     


- S.J. - Estes Park, Colorado

Get Your 30-minute Relationship Success Session...


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