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“Change the Way You Communicate and You Can Change
Your Relationship with Anyone… Including Yourself!”

Delicious Love, Intimacy, and Communication

“The Compassionate Communication Method has given me hope that I can learn how to understand and feel my needs and the needs of others so that we can connect, without me having to sacrifice my truth or integrity and without hurting others or myself. Thanks so much!” D. F. New York, NY

How to Spend LESS Time in the Therapist's Office

and MORE Time in the Bedroom

This is for conscious, compassionate couples or singles 

who still love being in love but hate the painful impact of the way they handle or avoid issues, conflicts, upsets, and misunderstandings



you are stuck in a downward spiral going 'What the Hell Happened?'


your communication has fallen apart and everything you try makes it worse


your relationship is in conflict or even crisis


intimacy and passion a thing of the past

you can't



My Promise:

From breakdown to breakthrough

Expand your ability to love and be loved

Bio Availability 

Discover, Understand and Update

your Relationship Operating System

Delicious Love Recovery Process

90 Day Relationship Challenge

1 Three Day Retreat

6 Transformational Training Modules

6 Interactive, Coaching, Mentoring, and Q&A calls

3 Personal Private Calls (911)

Community Support


Private Facebook Support Group 24/7 access

Study Buddy- Practice Pods

Exercises - Role Plays

Membership Website

Content and Videos

All the Recorded Calls

LIVE Program Calls will be held:

Delicious Love Retreat dates TBA

Jan 2, 2018 - March 14, 2019


Total Package Value: $9,929.00

INVESTMENT: $4,997.00


24hr- Single Pay Special


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3 Payment Plan

$1,599 Billed Monthly

7 Payment Plan

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Discovering your Relationship Super-Powers

  • 3 Critical Relationship Skills

  • Dancing with the Divine Differences Between Masculine and Feminine

  • The Perfection of Polarity


Bridging the Communication Gap

  • How to be Heard, Understood and Valued

  • Can You Hear Me Now

Bridging the Understanding Gap

  • Making Friends with your Beautiful Needs

  • The 7 Core Needs

Finding the True Treasures of Relationship

Uncover the Real Enemies

OMG LOVE LIFE- No More Boredom in the Bedroom

Meeting Conflicts with Courage, Compassion & Confidence


For more than 20 years, couples have come to me as a relationship coach when they were feeling stressed out, helpless, hopeless, and heartbroken about the way they were handling conflicts, misunderstandings, and upsets. 

They were smart, successful and really loved each other, but they were stuck in a downward spiral toward relationship hell and didn't know how to stop it. 

In fact, sometimes everything they tried ... just made it worse!!!

After helping enough of these couples to turn things around I picked up a pattern.

Actually three patterns.

Three Big, Bad-Ass, Relationship-Wrecking Patterns that created most of my clients' problems.

I call these patterns the 3 RELATIONSHIP MONSTERS. But unlike the monsters from the Disney movie, these can do some real damage. 

These 3 RELATIONSHIP MONSTERS cause most of the upsets, misunderstandings, and conflicts in your relationship ...  and when they get out of control, they can WRECK your relationship!

Handle them ... and you end up with much more passion, partnership, intimacy, and understanding.

That's why I created this fun, playful interactive transformational workshop!


In these 2 hours, you will experience an amazing compassionate communication method that will help you navigate the day-to-day challenges with your self-esteem and relationships intact ...  maybe even better than ever.

Isn't it time to...

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Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 12.04.35

We would love to hear from you... what can we do for you?

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