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“We came to Paul as a last-ditch effort to save our relationship.  


We figured if a psychologist couldn't help, then how could a relationship coach be of benefit? All I can say is, that I'm glad we took the chance with Paul - it's making a huge difference for us."


 - M.L. San Diego, CA

Are you looking for some new solutions to your relationship problems? Do you want to turn things around?

Take a second to let me know what's
going on and how I can help.


 If You’re Here, I'm Guessing Your 

Relationship Isn’t Going As Planned.

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Schedule a Complimentary
Relationship Breakthrough Session...

A Relationship Breakthrough Session May Be Exactly What You Need!

During our candid and confidential conversation, you will:

  • Uncover which of the Seven Persistent Problems are causing most of your ISSUES,

  • Understand your Five Possible OPTIONS,

  • Decide what ACTIONS you are going to take, and

  • Walk away with clarity, courage, and a PLAN!


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What Paul's Clients Have To Say...

"Before participating in your workshop, I was clear on what I wanted from my relationship but lost on how to go about getting it. 

Your seminar clarified for me not only how to clearly identify what I am seeking but how to connect it to my feelings and needs as well as to see how they influence the feelings and needs of those important persons in my life. 

The important component that I was missing and that I learned via the workshop was asking for what I needed. Now, I'm able to close the communication loop. Thanks for the insights."

- R. K, Los Angeles, CA

"I believe that my communication will never be the same because of a gift I received from Paul in the Compassionate Communication Workshop that I took." 

- G. C. Boulder, CO

"I recognize how I am constantly building cases against people. Just that alone has radically impacted my relationships."


- D. H., Ithaca, NY

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