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Relationships Simplified
How to get the love you want, make it last and keep it alive without years of therapy, even if things seem hopeless right now

Watch now and discover the secrets that almost nobody knows about what to stop doing, what to start doing, and how to make love last, and relationships remarkable.

If you know you're ready for more love, intimacy, connection, and communication...


...make sure to watch the video first, then read on.

You are about to discover what our 45 years of combined experience working with families and couples can do for you.

This is for COUPLES who still love each other but are having forgotten how to get along...



This is for SINGLES who want to know went wrong last time and improve their relationship skills...

Most couples are doing the best they can with the relationship skills they have… but sometimes it’s not enough.

Great relationships are not about safety, comfort and ease... great relationships are about risk, vulnerability and courage


It’s not the good times that destroys relationships, it's how we handle the inevitable upsets.


That's why here at Argue Less, Love More, Paul has created The Couples Course  for people just like you to practice ways to handle times like these.

Especially, right now during these rapidly changing, stressful times, it's more critical than ever to have relationship skills and tools that you can really count on.


Challenging times test our ability to get along.  And they test our ability to communicate with compassion, empathy, and understanding.


They test our ability to listen, really listen until our partner feels heard, understood, and valued.


They test our ability to identify, embrace, and express our needs. And it's critical to the long term success and happiness of any relationship, that BOTH people are getting their needs met on a regular basis. 


So, we created this course for people who want to say YES!

  • YES to open, honest, connecting and compassionate communication even when you disagree and are talking about tough emotional topics that you used to avoid

  • YES to increased intimacy that is sweeter than ever before and yes to using the power of polarity to create remarkable and lasting passion

  • YES to both of you seeing your needs... and your partner's needs, as precious and actually getting them met.

  • YES to building a rock-solid foundation of trust

  • YES to learning to deal with differences, difficulties, and decisions in a way that brings you closer together instead of driving you apart.

  • YES to clearing up misunderstandings in minutes and resolving conflicts with confidence, compassion, and curiosity

  • YES to mastering the 7 essential relationship skills and making the next part of your relationship… the BEST part.

  • YES to rewriting your relationship's future and creating a whole new world of possibility for your life.

If you are ready to begin the journey of a lifetime, start today with this simple step. Join the Couples Course by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.


This course IS FOR YOU if: 


  • You are silently settling, suffering, and secretly wish for more… more love, more intimacy, more compassion, and more communication

  • You wish your partner would hear, understand and value you when you talk

  • You want to bring back those things that made you fall in love in the first place

  • You are afraid of losing what you have but wish it was better

  • You're in a happy relationship and wish to discover skills to keep it connected throughout the years

  • You are struggling with the question, “Should I stay or should I go?

  • You are single and ready to dive into learning everything you can to help you build a remarkable relationship… and avoid the mistakes you made last time

  • You want to master the skills needed to navigate these stressful times with compassion, connection, and understanding


This course IS NOT for you if:

  • You are committed to being right and proving your partner wrong

  • You aren’t interested in hearing, understanding and valuing your partner

  • You are just looking for ways to get what you want, without considering your partner

  • You are not willing to learn or grow, and just want a quick fix that won’t last

  • You are not willing to look at your part in the current situation

Now that we got that out of the way, it's time to look at what choice is best for you?

Relationships Simplified

Join Us Saturday, Aug 15th

“After many attempts at couples work with other individuals, working with Paul has finally helped my partner and I breakthrough to a new place of understanding and appreciation for one another."


                                                                                 Jessie, Essex Junction, Vermont

The Live, Interactive Couples Course                                       
Saturday afternoon - 10:00 AM to 5 PM PST over Zoom)   

  * This is a live, interactive webinar 

   * Relationship questions answered

   * Learn how to apply your new skills to your specific challenges

   * Ask questions and get answers

   * Learn from others what you might have missed in yourselves

1st Bonus: 1-on-1 (30 min.) Relationship Support Session
(Normally $197)

2nd Bonus: Q&A, Group Support/Coaching Session    
  * 2 hours of Live Support (Sunday A
fternoon - 3 PM to 5 PM PST over Zoom)          

3rd Bonus: Free Copy of Paul's Best Seller
Argue Less, Love More (Normally $19.97)


Member Price


ALLM BOOK four.jpg

Want Even More Support? Best Option...

Best OPTION: Add Private, Personalized, 1-on-1 Coaching       
   *  All of the Above - The Couples Course - The Group Support Call
   *  Plus Customized, Personalized, Private One-On-One Coaching  Sessions

           (normally $297 per hour)

    * Bonus #3 - Paul's  3 module course Bridging the Communication Gap Between You (value $97)



Meet Your Mentor

Paul Sterling - international speaker, best selling author & communication and intimacy coach for supporting couples around the world.

“We came to Paul as a last-ditch effort to save our relationship.  


We figured if a psychologist couldn't help, then how could a relationship coach be of benefit? All I can say is, that I'm glad we took the chance with Paul - it's making a huge difference for us."

                                                                                                                      - M.L. San Diego, California

"We had amazing breakthroughs about empathy and being able to meet each other's needs. I couldn't believe that he was able to help us through our most intense moments, and I have never had such an effective therapy."                                                                                                   
                                                                                  K.S., Santa Cruz, California

“After just the initial two-hour session my husband and I were able to use those tools
on our own upsets."

                                                                                  S.J., Estes Park, Colorado

couple mix_InPixio.png

Ready For Better Relationship Skills?

  • What is a 'Courageous Love Breakthrough Session'?
    It is a chance to take an in depth, deep dive look at your relationship in 3 key areas. 1) Where do you want it to be? Results you want, your dreams and desires... 2) Where is it now? Reality now, your issues, frustrations and fears... 3) What is getting in the way? Relationship roadblocks...
  • Who should be on the call?
    It is important that both of you are on the call, because if you don't agree on the problem, you won't agree on the solution.
  • Why does relationship coaching fail?
    When relationship coaching fails, there are 3 main reasons 1) If the couple doesn't agree on the problem, they won't agree on the soltuion. 2) WIIFM - WEIT. (What's In It For Me) - (What Ever It Takes) If both parites aren't clear what's it for them, they won't do what ever it takes. 3) Commitment and accountiblity. Change is often hard, it takes making a strong commitment and having someone hold you accountable to that commitment.
  • What should I do to get ready?
    1) Schedule your time - 2) Take the Survey - 3) Grab some popcorn and your partner and watch this 15 minute video


"Never Better... "

“Paul gave us some simple tools to use the very first session and we noticed a difference right away.  Our relationship has never been better, our only regret is we did not find him 25 years ago.”    

Rick & Sandy,
Phoenix,  AZ.


"Our Relationship Changed..."

"We found your language and examples amazingly easy to grasp.  And they were so immediately that the general  "tone" of our relationship changed dramatically after only one session. We can't thank you enough!”     

- K. L. Denver, CO

"...Magic relationship techniques"

“My fiancé signed us up for your 3-hour workshop. I have studied quite a bit of self-help strategies for relationships over the years as well as studied psychology in college.

I highly recommend your workshop, and think everyone should seize the opportunity to learn your magic relationship techniques!   Thank you from all my heart,”

Jennifer F.
Burlington, VT

453 E Wonderview, Unite #3
PMB 225
Estes Park, CO, 80517 United States

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