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 The Couples Course 

ATTENTION COUPLES: How you communicate when you are vulnerable, hurt, afraid or angry will set the stage for the kind of relationship you create.  

Most couples are doing the best they can with the relationship skills and tools they have… but sadly, it’s often not enough.


They love each other and are working hard at making the relationship work, but they don't have the tools or training needed to succeed. 


But here you can get the skills you need when you need them the most!

Right now during this pandemic things are changing, challenging and very stressful – this situation will test our ability to get along.  It will test our ability to communicate with compassion, empathy and understanding.

So we created this course for people who are interested in more connection, compassion and open/honest communication in their relationship...

If that is you, watch this video introduction now... 

There are going to be misunderstandings, upsets, hurt feelings, arguments, and most likely conflicts.


How we handle these situations will either bring us together or drive us apart.


I can help you, if you want...


YOU can change all that by making the decision that your future will be better and it all starts here.


If you are ready to begin the journey of a lifetime, start today with this simple step. Join the Couples Course by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.

Make the next part of your relationship… the BEST part of your relationship.

Want some help in learning and mastering these 7 Essential Relationship Skills?  

Join us for ...

 The Couples Course 

10 Days to Better Communication & Relationship Skills

Join Us April 24th - May 3rd at 3pm PST

Your 3 Options:

OPTION 1: (basic) 
The Live, Interactive Couples Course  (basic)                                                     $97.00           
 5 Webinars Over 10 Days
    * Assigned Practice Partner - Study Buddy
    * Bonus #1 - One-on-One 30 min. Relationship Support Session (normally $197)

OPTION 2: (includes group sessions/support)     

The Live, Interactive Couples Course                                                                        $197.00          5 Webinars Over 10 Days
    * Assigned Practice Partner - Study Buddy

    * 5 hrs of interactive group coaching - Via Zoom

    * Bonus #1 - One-on-One 30 min. Relationship Support Session (normally $197)
    * Bonus #2 - Paul's 3 module course Bridging the Communication Gap Between You (value $97)

OPTION 3: (includes group sessions/support - plus personal 1-on-1 coaching)    

The Live, Interactive Couples Course                                                                        $497.00        5 Webinars Over 10 Days
    * Assigned Practice Partner - Study Buddy

    * 5 hrs of interactive group coaching - Via Zoom
    * Plus 3 hours of private, personalized one-on-one coaching  (normally $257 per hour)

    * Bonus #1 - One-on-One 30 min. Relationship Support Session (normally $197)
    * Bonus #2 - Paul's  3 module course Bridging the Communication Gap Between You (value $97)


Paul Sterling - international speaker, best selling author & communication and intimacy coach for supporting couples
around the world.

Heidi Love -  Is an expert in Love and Relationships. She has dedicated her life to helping you find happiness in love. Heidi works with Couples, Individuals and Families..

Heidi Headshot Germany_InPixio.png

Meet Your Mentors


“We came to Paul as a last-ditch effort to save our relationship.  


We figured if a psychologist couldn't help, then how could a relationship coach be of benefit? All I can say is, that I'm glad we took the chance with Paul - it's making a huge difference for us."

                                                                                                                      - M.L. San Diego, California

"I just wanted to say thank you Heidi for the workshop yesterday. You are really in your element with this and it is so reassuring to hear your message. Communicating effectively has changed our relationship so much. You are a true Bodhisatta of love and kindness. I'm grateful for your teachings in my life."


                                                                                                                          - D.D. Pahoa, Hawaii

“After many attempts at couples work with other individuals, working with
Paul has finally helped my partner and I breakthrough to a new place of
understanding and appreciation for one another."


                                                                                 Jessie, Essex Junction, Vermont

"We had amazing breakthroughs about empathy and being able to meet each other's needs. I couldn't believe that he was able to help us through our most intense moments, and I have never had such an effective therapy."                                                                                                   
                                                                                  K.S., Santa Cruz, California

“After just the initial two-hour session my husband and I were able to use those tools
on our own upsets."

                                                                                  S.J., Estes Park, Colorado

couple mix_InPixio.png

Ready For Better Relationship Skills?

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PMB 225
Estes Park, CO, 80517 United States

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