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“Truly transformational – I came here in turmoil, disconnected and feeling hopeless. But through this workshop, I now feel more connected and appreciative of my beloved than ever.


My inner peace and capacity for love or stronger than I imagined they could ever be. I am grateful.” 

Jerome – Golden, Colorado

“After many attempts at couples work with other individuals, working with Paul has finally helped my partner and I breakthrough to a new place of understanding and appreciation for one another."

Jessie, Essex Junction VT

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Want to spend LESS time UPSET with each other... 

each other?

This workshop is for people who love each other...
 but hate the
issues, conflicts, upsets, and
misunderstandings common to most relationships.

“Paul gave us some simple tools to use the very first session and we noticed a difference right away.  

Our relationship has never been better, our only regret is we did not find him 25 years ago.”

Rick and Sandy, Phoenix AZ


How to love… and be loved as you truly are…


If it feels like your relationship is not what you promised yourself? This is not the love either of you dreamed about?


You are not alone, it’s not your fault… or their fault and there is something you can do about it without having to change or leave your lover.


You are in the right place.


A lot of people are asking themselves ‘Can I be ‘ME’ and still be in a relationship with ‘YOU’?


Here is what I think I know about you…

  • You haven’t given up on love yet

  • That you promised yourself more then you are currently getting and that it breaks your heart to suffer and settle

  • You want to be able to ‘BE WITH’ your partner… and ‘BE’ yourself

  • You are willing to do whatever it takes, to work hard, to commit, to learn new skills and tools – but you want to know that they will work – that there really is a payoff


Here is what I know it’s possible…

  • The game isn’t over yet and there still is time to turn it your relationship around – even if it seems hopeless

  • You can have a intimacy-based relationship built on trust and authenticity – not compromise and fear

  • Most likely you were set up to fail – it’s not your fault – it’s not their fault either (who-ever they are) they never taught the 7 MISSION CRITICAL RELATIONSHIP SKILLS needed to succeed in creating an ExtraOrdinary Relationship.


If you are reading this, you are closer than you think.


Join me for this workshop!


Can’t make, but still want to turn your relationship around?

Email or call me and we will set up a Getting The Love You Promised Yourself – Relationship Breakthrough Session


your relationship is stuck in a downward spiral and you wonder 'What the hell happened?


your communication has fallen apart and everything you try makes it worse


you are in conflict or even crisis


intimacy and passion  are a thing of the past

you can't remember the last time your needs felt precious and were met with joy

you want things to change but everything you try just makes things worse....



My Promise...

hispanic couple_InPixio.png

there is hope even if you feel hopeless right now


you can turn a painful breakdown into a loving breakthrough

you will discover how to communicate so that both of you feel heard, understood & valued


you can both have your needs met on a daily basis and feel respected and adored again

you'll discover the secret to bring back intimacy and passion 

“I started out feeling hopeless and alienated in my marriage. I wondered if it was over and used this workshop as my last effort. I came away feeling empowered, hopeful and willing to surrender to unconditionally loving my partner.

The future is wide open and we get to choose from awareness, not pain.”


Linda P.  - NY, NY

Is This Workshop For You If...


This is FOR you if:

  • You want to spend less time in the therapist's office arguing over who caused the current upset and more time in the bedroom enjoying each other.

  • You're a couple in crisis and need to do something before it's too late to save your relationship.

  • You're a couple stuck in a rut where the same issues keep showing up time and time again without being resolved and you are ready to change.

  • You're a couple in good shape but you want more tools and techniques to increase the amount of love, intimacy, and understanding you experience daily.

  • You're single and you want to know ‘what went wrong’ in your last relationship, and what to do differently in your next one.

This is NOT for you if:

  • You are looking for an easy solution or quick-fix that never lasts.

  • You want to use these tools to manipulate your partner and get your way.

  • You just want to blame your partner.

Okay, now that we got that out of the way,

So are you ready to make your relationship a priority?

Then let's get you registered for the upcoming workshop.  Click on the link below and sign up or call my office to save your space. (303) 807-0159

“I was desperate for better communication with my beloved. We felt like cats and dogs trying to get along and understand one another. This course gave us the tools, language, and infrastructure we both successfully use. 

We now feel a breath of new possibility for our future and feel a new level of intimacy and love that is deeply fulfilling and exciting.”                                                     

Melodia, San Diego, CA


Staten Island Workshop
Dates, Location & Costs

Staten Island, NY


June 17, 2019 - Monday


Start: 7:00 - 9:30 pm


Staten Island, NY

(private residence)


One Ticket -  $19

Two Tickets - $29

To Purchase Tickets

One Ticket for
Asilomar Event $19


Two Tickets for 
Asilomar Event $39


Got questions or logistical issues - give us a call (303) 807-0159

PS: My Very Personal Promise:

I gaurantee you that I will give you everything I’ve got to make sure this is one of the most eye-opening, heart-healing, insightful relationship workshops that you have ever been
to with more ah-ha’s per hour then binge-watching TED Talks.

If for any reason, you don't think
I kept my promise, I will refund
your every penny… And… I will
give you a free copy of my
Amazon Best Selling Book


That's my commitment to you.

Now for your part - if meet all your
expectations are met... and more...

I have a request, would you please
let your friends and family know?


Sound fair?

See you there...

paul radio copy_InPixio copy.png

“My relationship was so broken and was only a matter of time before ended. We had turned into roommates rather than partners, and only roommates that were living together out of necessity.

We are only about halfway through the course and I can already see unlimited possibility. My book of life now has chapters of blank pages at the end for me to write whatever story I want.”


Ben – Santa Cruz, CA


Most relationships don't fall apart because of a lack of love....

I loved the Beatles song, but they were wrong, love isn't all you need.

You also need so very powerful relationship tools and skills.

Think about this.

The quality of your relationship is based on the quality of your communication -- so what happens when your communication falls apart?


So does your relationship.

For more than 20 years, couples have come to me as a relationship coach when they were feeling stressed out, helpless, hopeless, and heartbroken about the way they were handling conflicts, misunderstandings, and upsets.

They were smart, successful and really loved each other, but they were stuck in a downward spiral toward relationship hell and didn't know how to stop it.

In fact, sometimes everything they tried ... just made it worse!!!

They were focused on the WRONG PROBLEM... and they didn't have the RIGHT TOOLS.

And focusing wrong problem just causes more upsets, misunderstandings, and conflicts in your relationship ...  and can even WRECK your relationship!

Handle them ... and you end up with much more passion, partnership, intimacy, and understanding.

That is why I created this workshop, to help you stay Connected, Compassionate, & Caring...  even in the MOST CHALLENGING, emotionally charged situations.

What are the 3 things that really wreck relationships?
Watch this 15 minute video and then sign up for one of the next classes...

“Change the Way You Communicate and You Can Change
Your Relationship with Anyone… Including Yourself!”


Paul Sterling


“We found your language and examples amazingly easy to grasp.  And they were so immediately that the general "tone" of our relationship changed dramatically after only one session.

We can't thank you enough!”

K.L Denver, CO


“I came to Paul as a last-ditch effort to save my relationship.  I had tried everything I could think of to get my relationship "unstuck" over many years and nothing worked. 

Having tried marriage counseling (unsuccessfully) earlier in our relationship, we were both a bit skeptical about trying a coach.  We figured if a psychologist couldn't help, then how could a relationship coach be of benefit.  All I can say is, that I'm glad we took the chance with Paul - it's making a huge difference for us.  


As a couple, we interact differently and have largely ridded ourselves of the detrimental communication patterns we had fallen into and couldn't get out of by ourselves.  We are happier and more open with one another now and enjoy the new space that has opened up for us.

Our thanks go to Paul as well as our recommendation.  He's exceptionally good at what he does”.

M.L. San Diego, CA

Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 12.04.35

Got questions or logistical issues - give us a call (303) 807-0159

“My fiancé signed us up for your 3-hour workshop. I have studied quite a bit of self-help strategies for relationships over the years as well as studied psychology in college. 

The tools you have given us, as well as the guidance to effectively use them are invaluable. Your method is truly magical as you have brilliantly woven together many different techniques and methods to create something that is so simple, yet so effective because it’s easy to learn and remember!

I am finding that I am using the communication tools you have taught us in all my relationships, not just with my fiancé. I feel more confident and comfortable in myself and within my relationships. I have more patience than I have ever had!

I highly recommend your workshop, and think everyone should seize the opportunity to learn your magic relationship techniques!   Thank you from all my heart,”

Jennifer F. - Burlington, VT

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