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Getting The Love Your Promised Yourself

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

A lot of people are asking themselves ‘Can I be ‘ME’ and still be in a relationship with ‘YOU’?

How to love… and be loved as you truly are…

If it feels like your relationship is not what you promised yourself?

This is not the relationship either of you dreamed about?

You are not alone, it’s not your fault… or their fault and there is something you can do about it without having to change or leave your lover. You are in the right place.

Here is what I think I know about you…

  • You haven’t given up on love yet

  • That you promised yourself more then you are currently getting and that it breaks your heart to suffer and settle

  • You want to be able to ‘BE WITH’ your partner… and ‘BE’ yourself

  • You are willing to do whatever it takes, to work hard, to commit, to learn new skills and tools – but you want to know that they will work – that there really is a payoff Here is what I know it’s possible…

  • The game isn’t over yet and there still is time to turn it your relationship around – even if it seems hopeless

  • You can have an intimacy-based relationship built on trust and authenticity – not compromise and fear

  • Most likely you were set up to fail – it’s not your fault – it’s not their fault either (who-ever they are) they never taught the 7 MISSION CRITICAL RELATIONSHIP SKILLS needed to succeed in creating an ExtraOrdinary Relationship.

After watching this video, if you GOT QUESTIONS – I MAY HAVE SOME ANSWERS…visit my website and send me a message… if I think I can help, we will set up a call.

With Purpose, Passion, and Possibility,

Paul Sterling

Your Love By Design Coach

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