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Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Which of These 5 Common Communication Mistakes Are You Making?

  • Discover why your lover shuts down and stops listening... And How to turn that around so that both of you feel HEARD, UNDERSTOOD & VALUED.

  • What's your LISTENING SWITCH?

  • What to do when your lover’s Listening Switch is turned “OFF” and you really want to be heard.

  • There are “5 HIDDEN COMMUNICATION TRIGGERS” that brings all communication to a stand still.

  • EMOTIONAL COMMUNICATIONS are one of two things. Understand what they are and you can stop taking things personally or making them personal.

What is (BSW) and why you want to avoid it at all costs if you want to be HEARD, UNDERSTOOD, & VALUED. Click here to listen If you ready for a breakthrough in your relationship and want to know where to start, you may what to start with a breakthrough session. Click below to find out more.

With Purpose, Passion, and Possibility,

Paul Sterling

Your Love By Design Coach Paul Sterling is a best selling author, an Intimacy Coach, a Certified Tantric Educator and the creator of the Magic Relationship Method. Paul helps people turn their relationships around. He shows them how to expand and deepen the amount of love and intimacy they experience and express on a daily basis.

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