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What Are You Going To Do About It...

“It’s not our abilities that show who we really are, it’s our choices.” Harry Potter

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Okay, this post is about 3 things... when you are up against an issue, challenge or problem in your relationship - what are you going to do about it? Here is something that might help...

a) The options you have...

b) The choices you make...

c) The actions you take... or don't take.

Oops - before we going any further, this is part 2... of the 7 Relationship Issues post...

Okay here we go... find out which one(s) resonates with you now - and which one do you want to choose more often?

Personally, I have done them all. Some I'm proud of, some, not so much.

When you are having problems in your relationship... do you:

1. Settle And Suffer Silently

Or Complain Loudly

2. Hope And Pray That The Issue Goes Away

3. Get Your Partner To Change In Other Words, TRY TO FIX THEM - very tempting and very painful for both of you - must say I've been there, done that and it didn't work. LOL

4. Get A New Partner Replace Them With A New Model and hope this one works better

5. Get New Relationship Tools Techniques And Skills You Can Use With Your Partner

Okay, which one(s) can you relate to? Leave me a comment below.

“How we react when we are vulnerable, hurt, afraid or angry will set the stage for the kind of relationship we create.” Sean Folley

There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between knowing what to do, and doing what you know. What is your action plan...

1) DO NOTHING - decide that the issues aren't worth working on… or the relationship isn’t worth investing in… or I don’t deserve my dream relationship. Likely outcome?

2) DO IT YOURSELF - create your own method - trial & error - design and build your parachute while falling to the ground… experimenting with your heart and the people you love…

3) DO IT WITH A MENTOR - Get a guide, learn their proven processes and master their methods. Cut years off your learning and avoid lots of heartbreak… experience more love, intimacy and understanding where you feel like best friends, partners & lovers.

Now for the embarrassing part. Number 3 is the obvious choice, but boy did I resist it... for years... through 1 divorce and 4 broken engagements. I had been Captain of a 78-foot Alaskan Commercial Fishing boat, I didn't need any help - I was going to figure it out myself.

OMG, do I wish I could have those days back again. What a waste of time.

Luckily I woke up and realized that the best athletes in the world ALL HAVE COACHES...They have mentors that help achieve the impossible regularly. Once I got going, I got mentored by Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Byron Katie, Marshall Thurber, Richard Bandler and Marshall Rosenberg (to name a few)...

So now I help couples who love each other but have forgotten how to get along make their relationship remarkable.

With Purpose, Passion, and Possibility,

Paul Sterling

Your 'Love By Design Coach'

PS. Keep your eyes open for an upcoming webinar called:

'Love By Design'

Making Your Relationship Remarkable...

Sept. 8th, 6:00Pm West Coast Time For more info... or to save yourself a seat:

“Sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage, just literally 20 seconds of just embarrassing bravery… and I promise you, something great will come of it” Matt Damon – From the Movie ‘We bought a Zoo’

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